DIY Amethyst Skull Geode Made from Dollar Tree Items!

The other day I saw a beautiful Amethyst Skull Geode that I really wanted, but there was no way I was going to pay $125. So instead of buying the geode skull from the store, I headed over to my local Dollar Tree and bought a hollow skull so I could make my own amazing skull for a lot less. Check out below just how I did it!

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DIY Carved Geode Skull

With a little creativity and some Dollar Tree materials, you can make your own Carved Geode Skull to showcase on your mantel. Are you ready to be amazed?


Tips for Making a DIY Geode Skull

How big do you cut the hole in the skull?

Now don’t go crazy and cut out a huge hole but start at the forehead and work your way down to the top of the teeth. The picture below gives a great example of how the cut should look like.

How to fill the Skull?

You will be using floral foam and poly-fill. Now the Poly-fill is totally optional but highly recommended to help everything stay in place. The floral foam tends to slide around, so put in Poly-fill first and then the floral foam. Fill the skull with as much of it as possible so you have a stable surface to work on.

How to create the Amethyst rock look?

Do small sections at a time. Glue, pour, wait and shake off, then repeat until the hole looks like a beautiful Amethyst rock coming out of the skull.

How to get the cool Charcoal color?

Mix the black and white paint until you get a nice deep charcoal color. Let the skull completely dry before going to the next step.

What is a Geode, and how do you achieve that look?

Geodes are rocks that have a hole in them. In the hole, there is matter from minerals- like crystals inside. To achieve the look, you will need to hot glue around the rim of the skull and glass vase filler area, then add additional glass vase filler to bring out the geode look. Next, add the gold paint around the main glass vase filler area, let dry, and bam, you are ready to display your Geode Skull.

How to Make Geode Skulls at Home

Yield: 1 Amethyst Skull Geode

Amethyst Skull Geode

Amethyst Skull Geode
Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $5


  • 1 Hollow Plastic Skull
  • 1 cup Crushed Glass Vase Filler
  • White, Black and Gold Acrylic Paint
  • Floral Foam
  • Poly-Fill, optional


  • Paint Brushes
  • Craft Knife or Box Cutter
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue


  1. Cut out a large portion of one eye and a part of the face of the skull and discard.
  2. Using hot glue, secure floral foam inside the skull, filling the hole, but leaving a deep cavity. Make sure all gaps between the floral foam and the skull are filled with foam, as you will need a fairly solid surface to work with. If you are having trouble filling the skull with the floral foam, you can use Poly-Fill behind the floral foam.
  3. Add a small area (about 3 by 3-inches) of hot glue on top of the floral foam then immediately pour the glass vase filler on top of the hot glue. Wait for 2-3 minutes until the hot glue cools, then shake the loose bits of the vase filler off.
  4. Repeat filling the foam area with hot glue followed by the glass vase filler, then shaking off the excess in small patches, until the entire floral foam area is completely covered.
  5. Paint the skull with a dark charcoal mixture of the black and white acrylic paint, then allow the paint to dry completely.
  6. Add hot glue around the rim of the skull and the glass vase filler area and top with additional glass vase filler as we did in the earlier step, to bring the “geode” look out to the edge. 
  7. Add hot glue in random places across the face of the skull in small amounts and top with the vase filler.
  8. Paint the edges of the skull around the main glass vase filler area with the gold acrylic paint and allow the paint to dry completely. Display your geode skull!


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