Homemade Rainbow Layered Soap

Make this brightly colored rainbow layered soap at home with easy to find supplies. This layered homemade soap is perfect for gift giving or even keeping to pamper yourself!

DIY Rainbow Layered Soap

Making homemade soap using melt and pour soap bases is a super simple (and affordable) way to make soap at home. Melt and pour soaps are perfect for crafting with kids and also fun to do without them!

Tips for Making Layered Soap at Home

Making layered soap such as this rainbow soap at home takes a lot of patience. While the process itself is fairly easy, allowing the soap to set between each layer is a long process. But I promise you it’s very much worth it!

When it comes to making layered soap at home, there are some tricks we have learned over the years that are sanity savers.

Melt and pour soaps are super easy. Simply pop them into the microwave in 30 second bursts until it melts (stirring gently in between each interval). Make it easier by melting your soap base in something like a Pyrex measuring glass that is easy to pour out of (yay no mess)! Then add colors and/or scents and pour into the mold.

Easy peasy right?

While this process is ridiculously easy, stirring the melted soap can be a bubbly pain. You want to make sure you don’t get too eager while stirring or your beautiful soap will set full of bubbles.

This can become a massive pain when using mica powders to color your soap. Now I love mica powders – they are an excellent choice for soap making. However, you have to whip the bejesus out of it in order to get powder to incorporate well into the soap base.

So the hack to stirring a powder into a melted soap base without the bubble inducing headache?

91% isopropyl alcohol.

Before mixing the mica powder into your melted soap, add the amount of mica powder needed into a separate plastic cup and add a splash of isopropyl alcohol to it. All you need is a splash, it will go a long way.

Then whip the bejesus out of that until you have a nice powder free color.

Once you have a beautifully blended color you can easily pour this into your melted soap base and gently blend it in. And the best part? Any bubbles that may happen at this point will disappear due to the isopropyl alcohol. Win win.

Another hack to remember when making homemade soap is that to get a nice strong scent without wasting your entire bottle of scents you should add the scent after allowing the soap to cool down just a bit. Scent into steaming hot melted soap will diminish the scent.

How to Make Layered Rainbow Soap

Let’s get crafting! Below is our written tutorial.

Yield: 12 Soaps

Rainbow Layered Soap

Rainbow Layered Soap
Active Time 3 hours
Additional Time 1 day
Total Time 1 day 3 hours
Difficulty Intermediate
Estimated Cost $20


  • 1 pound melt and pour clear soap cut into cubes
  • 1-2 drops each of pink, orange, yellow, purple, dark blue and light blue soap coloring
  • Lavender and eucalyptus essential oil
  • Pink, Orange, Yellow, Blue, & Violet cosmetic glitter


  • Spray bottle of rubbing alcohol
  • Soap Mold and cutting tool
  • 6 microwave safe bowls or measuring cups


  1. Start with the dark blue layer. Add 8 cubes of the soap base into a microwave safe bowl. Add 1 or 2 drops of each essential oil into the container. Melt the soap cubes in 30 second intervals, stirring between each cycle until completely melted. Add 1 or 2 drops of dark blue soap coloring, stir. Add more until the desired color is achieved. Because you are using a clear soap base, you may need to add a few more drops to get the color you want. Add the blue cosmetic glitter into container. Mix.
  2. Spray the soap mold with rubbing alcohol, then pour the blue soap mix into the mold. Spray the top of the soap with the rubbing alcohol. The rubbing alcohol helps to prevent air bubbles forming in your soap. Allow the dark blue layer to dry completely before adding next layer. If you blow on the soap and you see ripples, the soap is not hard enough for the next layer. This can take anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes.
  3. Repeat the same steps from the blue layer, but use purple soap colorant and violet glitter. Before adding it to the mold, spray the blue layer with rubbing alcohol, then pour in the purple mix. Finally, spray the top of the purple layer with rubbing alcohol again. Let set completely.
  4. Repeat the steps again, but use pink soap colorant and glitter. Before adding it to the mold, spray the purple layer with rubbing alcohol, the pour in the pink mix. Spray the top of the pink layer with rubbing alcohol. Remember the rubbing alcohol helps prevent bubbles forming in your soap!. Let set.
  5. Repeat everything again but with the orange soap color and orange glitter. Don’t forget that rubbing alcohol! And remember to let it set completely, if you don’t let it set completely before adding your next layer you will get bleeding through of your layers and not have nice crisp color lines in your soap.
  6. Ready to go again? This time repeat with yellow!
  7. And last but not least, finish it off by repeating everything yet again but this time with a light blue. Don't forget to spray the top with rubbing alcohol.
  8. Now let the whole thing sit for a day to ensure it is completely hardened. Overnight might be sufficient, but I like to go for an entire day just to be safe, because that was a whole lot of work!
  9. The final stage is to gently remove your soap block from the mold (once it is hardened) and slice the soap into 1 inch wide pieces. Store in an airtight container until you are ready to use them.


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