DIY Air Freshener

Did you know you can make your own Air Freshener at home? Stop buying those costly possibly dangerous fragrance sprays. You can make one yourself and it’s easy. All that is needed for this project are a few household ingredients, an empty spray bottle, and time! DIY Air Freshener with Essential Oils Supplies: ½ cup …

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DIY Laundry Pods

DIY laundry pods on a floral background

One of the most talked about topics in recent years is going green or reducing your carbon footprint. DIY laundry pods are an easy way to do just that. Giving you a biodegradable alternative to store-bought, these laundry pods are made from all-natural ingredients and can be used in any type of washing machine! Homemade …

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DIY Frozen Bath Bombs

The winter blues may be hitting you hard, but there’s nothing like a steaming hot bath to take away the chill. These DIY Frozen Bath Bombs will help you feel more refreshed and relaxed after a long day in the cold. Homemade Frozen Bath Bombs In the movie Frozen, Anna and Elsa create a beautiful …

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