You can use these little guys to decorate a garden, or put them on your front porch. You can turn them into magnets or have them hang out on the bookshelf. They’re super easy to make and they’re perfect for kids of all ages.

Here are the supplies you will need:  Parchment paper Baking sheet Polymer clay in grey, white, tan, and colors of choice for hats Mod podge

For Tools you will need: Paint Brush Clay cutting and piercing tools Oven

For each gnome roll a grey 6cm ball for the body

For each gnome roll 5 cm colorful ball for the hat

For each gnome roll 4 cm white ball for the beard

For each gnome roll 1 cm tan ball for the nose

Form the grey ball into a cylinder shape that slightly tapers at the top

Form the colored ball into a hat that is tapered at the top and open at the bottom to fit around the grey body

Form the white clay into a triangle shape with rounded edges.  Press this to the bottom front of the body

Layer the hat over the beard and body

Press the tan nose into the center of the body, over the beard and below the hat.

When the clay cools, seal with mod podge

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