Never forget the birthday of your friends and family with this simple, fun, and beautiful DIY Family Birthday Board. This is one of those crafts that you will love to make and display in your home year round.

Gather your supplies: 1 1/4-inch wood rounds 17x6-inch wood plaque Black Heat Transfer Vinyl Wood Stain  Tiny Hooks and  Eye Hooks Picture hanging hardware

Add the tiny hooks to your wood evenly spaced.

Stain your wood pieces.

Apply the stain in smooth, consistent motions, moving the sponge brush with the grain of the wood.

Immediately wipe away any excess stain with the rag. Allow the stain to dry completely.

Apply a coat of Mod Podge or other craft sealant onto the wood pieces. Allow this sealant to dry completely.

Create your design in Cricut Design Space. Make sure your design is mirrored and the correct size before cutting.

Weed your designs and apply to the birthday dates to the wooden circles using a heat press.

Remove the transfer sheet slowly.

Repeat for the phrase "Family Birthdays" and the months of the year

Apply one month above each hook.

And the phrase "Family Birthdays" across the center of the board.

Attach date circles using eye hooks below their corresponding months.

Place the dates in order when hanging.

Lastly, attach picture hanging hooks to the back and put on display!

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