This DIY beehive décor craft is perfect for sprucing up your home and making it more bee-utiful. It doesn’t take any expertise to make this fun rope beehive craft, and it’s all made from supplies at your local dollar tree.

Gather your supplies: Flower Pots Nautical Jute Rope Bee Stickers Ribbon Black Chalk Pain Hot Glue and Gun Scissors Paint Brush

Start with hot glue on the bottom edge of the flower pot.

Immediately wrap the jute rope where you placed hot glue - move quickly it dries fast!

Work this way all the way up to the top of the planter. Once you reach the top, leave the rope hanging (don't cut).

The place a tad of hot glue on the top of the flower pot.

And use a scrap piece of rope to create a handle.

Then use hot glue to wrap the remainder of the rope hanging on your pot around the handle.

Your beehive décor will look like this.

Use another piece of scrap jute twine to create a circle on the front of your beehive.

The beehive craft should look like this.

Use the black chalk pain to paint the inner circle.

And add bee stickers.

Then tie with a ribbon,

and put your beehives on display!

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