deathly hallows wreath

This Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Wreath is perfect for any fan of the series or anyone looking to give their home some magical flair. Hang this on your door to show off your love of all things Harry Potter!

Gather all of your supplies;  3 Toilet Plungers (Dollar Tree) 12 Inch Bamboo Wreath 12 Inch Dowel Copper Spray Paint Hot Glue Gun and Glue Jute Twine Ivy Garland Scissors

Swirl hot glue around the dowel to create a handle shape.

Swirl a tad of hot glue down the remainder of the dowel to create the wand.

Spray paint the plunger handles copper and set aside to dry.

Once the wand is dry, spray paint this copper also and set aside to dry.

Hot glue the three plunger handles together to create a triangle.

 Use jute twine to wrap each corner of the triangle. Add a loop of jute twine to the top of the triangle to hang your wreath from.

Add the bamboo wreath to the center of the triangle and attach the wand with hot glue.

Once everything is dried, hang and enjoy your wreath!

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