The fall season is quickly approaching and what better way to get in the spirit of Halloween than a homemade teal pumpkin wreath. This project can be done with minimal supplies and it’s sure to last for many, many years!

Gather your supplies: Wire Wreath Form Black and Blue Yarn Teal Spray Paint Pumpkin Bucket Small Foam Pumpkins Floral Wire Wire Cutters Hot Glue and Glue Gun Painters Tape

Spray paint your pumpkin bucket and foam pumpkins teal. And then wrap your wire wreath frame with black yarn.

Attach the teal yarn to the black yarn by securing it to the back of the wreath.

Wrap the teal yarn around the wreath frame sparsely to add a pop of color.

Remove the painters tape from your pumpkin bucket once it is dry.

Cut your pumpkin bucket in half and secure to wreath form.

Hot glue pumpkins into place.

Use yarn to create a hanger and put on display!

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