Learn how to make a homemade terracotta flower pot craft for Halloween using dollar store items and some fun crafting supplies. These spooky pots can be used as planters or decorate your front porch with them on display!

Gather your supplies: 3 Clay Pots Acrylic Paint in green, purple, white, black, and red Paint Brushes Craft Sealant

Paint one terracotta flower pot green for Frankenstein.

Paint one terracotta flower pot purple for the Vampire.

And paint on clay pot white for the ghost. Allow all three painted flower pots time to dry.

Once dry it's time to start painting Frankenstein! To start cover to top edge with black for hair.

Then add some stitches to the sides.

And a grimacing mouth along the bottom center.

Next use white paint to create eyes.

And black paint to add some fierce eyebrows.

Don't forget to give your Frankenstein a nose!

Then add the finishing touches with black paint (like eyeballs and additional stitches).

Next work on the purple flower pot to create the vampire. Use black paint to create a V shaped hairline.

Fill in the hairline and add a mouth.

Using the black paint, add eyes.

And a nose...

Then lastly use white paint to add the fangs.

And red for tongue and blood.

Now on to the ghost! Use a pencil to trace the shape of the eyes and mouth.

Use black paint to trace and fill these in.

Wait for your flower pots to dry and then fill with dirt and flowers for display!

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