SVG Single Commercial Use License Dollar Crafter


To use eligible designs for commercial products, a seller must have an SVG commercial license.

Please read ALL terms below before purchasing.



Terms of Single Commercial Use License

Please read: There are files that CAN NOT be licensed by me. Any affected product pages will have “This file is for PERSONAL USE only (can NOT be upgraded to commercial use).” when it is not available for a commercial license.

Your purchase will be refunded (with processing fees subtracted).

How to Activate a Single Commercial Use License:

  • In the order notes, please indicate the SVG to which the license will apply.
  • The license begins when payment is processed.

Keep the downloaded license. All license sales are recorded, however, the burden of proof is on you to show a license was purchased.

Authorized Uses:

  • the use of ONE design in whole or part for personal and commercial projects (1,000 transactions) with no yearly renewal fee.
  • you may use the ONE design on multiple physical products (a t-shirt, a mug, and a notebook).
  • use in website banners in low-resolution and as part of a design.

Unauthorized Uses:

  • you may not share the designs in digital format anywhere.
  • you may not upload designs to websites or Facebook groups.
  • you may not alter, reproduce, or resell ANY partial or complete design.
  • you may not use designs AS-IS on print-on-demand services or sites.
  • you may NOT purchase a license for licensed characters. Any attempt to do so will result in an immediate refund and Ruffles and Rain Boots will NOT BE HELD LIABLE per the terms outlined here.

FAQs, Terms, and Conditions

If you have questions about how you can use and share these files, please see our FAQs, terms and conditions page here.


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